4 Foot LED Utility Shop Lights Garage Ceiling Fixture Low Bay 9000LM 5000K 80W


You may also like. 80W Low Bay LED Lights 4 Foot LED Utility Shop Lights for Garage 9000LM 5000K. We send the item from our US Warehouse , so you can get the item soon. AntLux 80W 4ft LED Utility Low Bay Shop Lights for Garage, 9000 Lumens, 5000K, 4 Foot Linear High Bay Workshop
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LED 2 Foot Linear High Bay Light, 120Watt Warehouse Shop Commercial Light Fixture


2ft long 1200W led high bay light with 12000 lumens, 5500K white color very bright, Energy savings of over 50%! Cut your electric bill in half from using standard 600-800 watt high bay lights. Easy install with adjustable V hook hanging kits, you can adjust the height from 0-4ft based on your requirement. 6FT long
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